Reuther pictured with the leader of the Farm Workers Union, Cesar Chavez

Walter Reuther

Walter Reuther Walter Reuther was without doubt one of the most important American labour leaders of the twentieth century. Raised in West Virginia, the son of a German immigrant and local labour leader, from whom he imbibed his early socialist values, in the late 1920s Reuther apprenticed as a toolmaker in Detroit with the Ford …

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Image of press reporting on the mutiny

The Invergordon Mutiny

The Invergordon Mutiny – thoughts on its past treatment I would like to offer some observations on the treatment (or lack of it) of the naval mutiny at Invergordon in Chapter 5, Comintern Work in the Western Armed Forces in the 1930s (Revolutionary History, Volume 8, no. 2). This chapter uses Invergordon as a peg on which to …

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Picture of Professor John Saville

Professor John Saville

John Saville 1916-2009 When I graduated, Saville encouraged me to take a research position with the Canadian labour movement. Years later, when I moved back to Britain, he gave further encouragement to my work in the academic field, first at the University of Sussex and then at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and …

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Cover of Kendall's book State Ownership, Workers' Control and Socialism

Walter Kendall

Tribute to Walter Kendall 1926–2003 I first became aware of Walter Kendall, the editor of Voice of the Unions and member of the executive committee of the Institute for Workers’ Control, when I was living in Ottawa and working for the Canadian labour movement. He was then a Research Fellow in the Centre for Contemporary …

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